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Entry #4

alters again

2011-02-09 01:10:30 by turma13

Here's another altered piece for MTG EDH

alters again


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2011-02-09 22:08:08


turma13 responds:

heh, I wish...I could just think things into existence...actually, now that I think about the content of my drawings, that's not to great of an idea.


2011-06-22 08:27:09

Heh, well, you know what they say. 'Ne invoces quod non expellere possis:' Do not call up what you cannot [may not be able] to put down. Any progress on the 'Sovereigns'? 113 is quite a few, but they are such great designs that I hope you can draw more of them.

As for what the future entities could embody/represent, perhaps various sins (not necessarily the 7 cardinal sins) and vices, strong emotions, or even certain profound schools of thought or philosophies (not religions exactly).


2011-06-26 03:45:58

Looks very good, love it how much detail you put in his armor. The background looks totaly awesome.