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I like the color and style of the background. What did you use for it?

Well, it looks a bit like a man...

..besides the boobs, that is. You could work with the chin and eyes to make her look a teensy bit more feminine, if her name is going to have "vixen" in it. Your color, lighting, and detail is great though.


I'd definitely like to use some of your landscapes as backdrops for some of my characters. How did you do the flare with the son?

MkieNedachi responds:

Used a brush with around 10% Solid fill so it looked like a light & then for the flare shamefully a preset which I'm not proud to say. Everything else was hand drawn.
& Thank you for liking it so much :)

I'm starting to make cartoon/comic/NG backgrounds now because i do enjoy doing them.

If you want anything, please let me no.

Like it alot

did you do it digitally, or physically on paper/canvas. Either way it's really refined...I gotta work on some more stuff in color. Only thing I'd say is what my art teachers say, which is do something with the negative space (yes, it pisses me off too) and maybe part of that could be adding more diverse lighting or other effects.

CosmicDeath responds:

Hi turma13. It is a digital painting created in Adobe Photoshop CS2.

I appreciate that you'd want to put into practice what you are learning from your art tutors, but I would also beware of building more than is necessary in a picture just for the sake of having all the space filled.

When you want to draw the eye towards something you can either have the object stand alone (or nearly alone; in this case with darkened purples to accommodate a feature central object of the skull mask), or you can use shapes of colour/shade throughout the image (even filling in the negative space). The only sections that hold negative space are in the top corners of the image, and I don't think they hold a significant percentage of space.

Depending on the type of art you are working with, you might want to challenge your art tutors about negative space. "Negative" space does not necessarily equate to a "negative" aspect of an image and can often be a way of enhancing the focal point of an image, overall - like with vignetted illustrations/icons/logos.

I'm grateful for your review. Thanks!

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