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A bit preachy, but you brought up good points.

I think most forms of entertainment are good, BUT IN MODERATION. If you moderate something, then hopefully you won't come to the point where you have to light it ablaze. Some things, I've come to the conclusion through watching friends, cannot be done in moderation (eg. WoW, MMORPGs in general, and other media). I don't think you have to give up things altogether, but you made a great point about embracing the community aspect. Games like MTG (NOT the online version) force the gamer to find other people who play it, and facilitates human interactions through events like FNM. Nice vid--the epic music in the background might of been a little much though ;)

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jolly good

you made my day old chap!
(I am not British, so don't you dare say I am!)

And of course...

there was some M-Python in there too. Jolly good!

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I love the part where your Dinousaur meets his wife and mistress in the same room. This game has a riveting story and unparalleled game play. The multiplayer mode is excellent as well. I'm only giving it a 9 because their were a few minor glitches with hit detection.

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Wish this were an itouch app. Anyways...

great game...Dad is god. You could make an easier method of switching from your weapon to throwing stuff, but it is incredibly fun.

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it really creates the mood

if you've ever heard "soundscape to ardor" from the bleach OST 3, this gives me the same vibe it did.

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Anatomy fail indeed!

But your coloring and use of unsettling details (such as the humanoid face) are brilliant. Love it.

everytime I try to cast Garruk in FNM

he get's countered by a negate...anyway, nice reproduction. You should design your own planeswalkers ;)

PS: fingers crossed for an Urza Planeswalker

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I like your use of lighting and details but...

the person has quite a few issues in terms of perspective and the location of facial features. The left leg and head/neck have an off perspective.

VeeWragg responds:

Ahh didnt realise that....probably wouldnt have if you didnt point it out, thanks ^.^

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