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Anatomy fail indeed!

But your coloring and use of unsettling details (such as the humanoid face) are brilliant. Love it.

everytime I try to cast Garruk in FNM

he get's countered by a negate...anyway, nice reproduction. You should design your own planeswalkers ;)

PS: fingers crossed for an Urza Planeswalker

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I like your use of lighting and details but...

the person has quite a few issues in terms of perspective and the location of facial features. The left leg and head/neck have an off perspective.

VeeWragg responds:

Ahh didnt realise that....probably wouldnt have if you didnt point it out, thanks ^.^

I'm just starting with PS...

...and was wondering how you did the dragon scales...lmk via pm or whatev if you can

-I like this pic. The composition with the one dragon super-imposed in the foreground is nice, but something about the eye seems awkward to me...I dunno--maybe it would help if the mouth were a bit more defined. I'd mess around with it a bit.

hunt people?

I just wanted one to teach me how to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop...

I never made it. T-T

it has a very calligraphic vibe to it. I think giving it one really defined eye would help with the sinister look.

dommi-fresh responds:

ha ha yea i used a calligraphy pen so i guess its a good thing you think its got that style. ha ha thanks mate

good concept sketches.

reminds me of Huginn and Muninn

..makes me want to draw some ravens now.


this was what I was talking about on the other one I reviewed. This one has great value and depth. I also like your perspectives. Good work.


I always like architectural drawings of fantasy landscapes and cities. The shading is great, I just think you have to work on your value/depth a little bit, but good stuff!

Good work...

I actually knew it was Beethoven without even reading your description--so good work there. Is body and the environment are very emotive, but I think his eyes and/or mouth could be a bit more passionate. I like it a lot...continue with your art!

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Very FF-like...

I still like it though. It's very whimsical. The girl's thighs and the boy's right arm are a little off, but other than that it works.

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